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PLAYLIST: The soundtrack to your quest

In creating the collection, Rosie the Riveter, we wanted to really bring her to life.  Who is this woman, the multi-hyphenate, everything woman?

Do we create a mood board with everything that inspires a sense of courage, femininity, tenacity, strength and so on?  Do we have colours? How do we create a mood and tone that even the team and truly identify and understand our idea of Rosie?

Sometimes imagery alone is not enough.

As we sat around, discussing Rosie, the meaning of femininity, life, everything… a question came up: What makes you feel brave?

How do you even answer that question? But maybe there is no answer.  Maybe it’s one of those things that a woman will continue to ask herself and hopefully in this quest, is where we find courage.  And perhaps it’s just that. It’s about that quest.

And we all know, every good quest and story needs a soundtrack.  We’ve created one of our own… maybe you can make your own playlist too?



Featured image: wearing Frame Earrings in 14k solid gold