About Us

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In the faraway land of Malaysia, we were two girls were in school together on the island of Penang. Fast forward many years later, we found ourselves at a point in life where the opportunity of time was there to create something that could fit into our lifestyle and life plan (of sorts). We wanted to make something of our creative side and reflected some of our desires to feel more like ourselves.

The key element we had in the everyday style that made us feel like ourselves was our everyday jewellery – be it a wedding band, a simple necklace that you never take off or an heirloom that is both precious as it is discreet. That sowed the beginnings of how we came to create a brand for minimalist, everyday pieces that can stand the test of time.

What we wanted was to create pieces so simple that a woman can adapt the way she wears the pieces into her own style and aesthetic. Our jewellery is a way a woman can express herself creatively every day in a subtle way.

Because we believe that design requires an understanding of the medium you use, it was important that we both (without formal design or jewellery making backgrounds) took up silversmithing. From these classes, we learnt about how metal reacts to different treatments, how they can be shaped and what makes jewellery so precious.

This continues to be our adage when we create new designs. We constantly ask ourselves how our wearers would feel wearing each piece of our jewellery because it should always be about the woman within – the person she wants to be every time she steps out of the house.

We hope you continue to share the love of jewellery that we do as well.


Amira & Chern