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How our jewellery is made

The story of how we have finally come to a more streamlined process of making the jewellery was a perilous journey that includes joy, doom, hustle and eventual calm and a new found love for a methodical approach to things.

In that methodical vein, a simplified version of how a piece comes to be is as such:

  1. Make lots of sketchy sketches – culling out what is less interesting and does not appear to fit into the overall story of the collection.
  2. Head to the studio to make samples in silver for all the selected sketches.
  3. Wear all the pieces to check and test the wearability of each piece and ask ourselves questions such as: “will I scratch myself with this?”, “will I scratch other people?”, “do I have to be a dainty and delicate person to wear this?”, etc…
  4. If need be, it’s back to step one to refine the designs.
  5. Technical drawings are made and finalised samples are created ready for making the wax cast.
  6. From this wax cast, production can begin!
  7. Once each piece comes out of their casts, they are individually ground, sanded and polished to perfection.  For more complicated pieces, individual parts of a design will need to be soldered together and sanded and polished.
  8. Final inspection of every individual piece is made before they go into boxes ready for our lovely customers!

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This process of casting ensures that all the stacking rings can actually fit into each other.  We initially wanted to have all the pieces made by hand and found lovely skilled artisans willing to work with us.  This idea whilst romantic was not to be.  Handmade pieces have a tendency to vary from piece to piece and our designs require precision work down to a fraction of a millimetre.  We had to abandon this early in the journey and found that the best method was to have the designs cast and hand finished.