Once Upon A Time…

How we began

In the faraway land of Malaysia, we were once two girls were in school together on the island of Penang. Fast forward some (not that many) years later, we found ourselves sitting at a cafe waxing lyrical about how there has to be a way for us to rediscover our creative sides and make it ‘something’.  We tossed around many ideas but it was always centred around our love for designing and marrying that with practicality.

We put our thinking caps on…

Knowing we wanted to ‘be a little more creative in life’ did not quite make for a great business idea!

We knew that we wanted to create and design and that this should be in the realm of style (be it fashion, interiors, life!).  With Chern’s keen eye on great design as well as time spent working in marketing and advertising, we could make a great brand.  There was also the need to identify an unfulfilled style need for women in the region.  Hence, Amira’s time spent as a consumer insights professional comes in handy.

Our take on style is one that has to be beautiful, cleverly designed and yet practical at the same time.  We noticed that women with a more classic and streamlined aesthetic were not really being catered to – especially when it comes to jewelry that is more subtle.  Choices are either costume jewelry or the classic fine jewelry that tends to be diamond encrusted and cost an arm and a leg (and every other limb for that matter!).  At this point, we decided that minimalist jewelry made of precious metals – things we ourselves lust over endlessly – was what we wanted to do.

We wanted every woman to be able to wear jewelry in a fuss-free way (never taking it off) and for it to be a reflection of who she is without overshadowing who she is.  The idea was to create pieces so simple that a woman can adapt the way she wears them into her own style and aesthetic. Our jewelry is a way a woman can express herself creatively every day in a subtle way.

Our journey then began with taking up silversmithing!  Yes, we have no formal jewellery design background. What we had was an inherent passion and belief in the art of being creative with your style in a practical way. We wanted our designs to be easy to both understand and to wear.

This continues to be our adage when we create new designs. We constantly ask ourselves how our wearers would feel wearing each piece of our jewellery because it should always be about the woman within – the person she wants to be every time she steps out of the house.

We hope you continue to share the love of jewellery that we do as well.


Amira & Chern