The Logo

Under the advice of Monocle’s Guide To Good Business, we acquiesced and decided we would have a logo for The Straits Finery.  The initial idea was to keep it clean and not have a logo to distract from the name.  We decided to add an element that was personal to how we started the brand in the logo and have a little humour strewn in there.

We thought long and hard, going through various iterations of the brand initials, our name initials and all sorts of lines and curves that would make for a cool symbol of sorts. It was quite frustrating and we abandoned the idea for a while.

Then a flash of inspiration came – why not just use the first item of stationary we bought when we started the brand: the compass.  The need for the compass came from how we naively thought we could draw geometric shapes.  Somehow we thought that with some fine arts background from school we could do jewellery illustrations?!

We most definitely needed the help of a compass – yes, the very same box set we had from maths class in the days of yore…

So there it was.  Our first item of stationary became the symbol and logo of our brand.  A reminder that it can still be cool to go old school 😉